If you are a Diasporas who is interested in investing in your roots in Ghana or establishing a connection to the motherland, you may be looking for investments opportunities that are long term and rewarding. Real estate investments is a good play for someone who wants a lifelong connection with Ghana.

RETURN CITY LANDS & HOMES IN GHANA is designed to sell properties to African Americans African Root worldwide and Ghanaian Diasporas and people living abroad in general who desire to purchase real estate in Ghana. Our lands stretch from the Banks of the ‘VOLTA LAKE’ bind the Akosombo Dam – Oframase to Christian City. 

According to the CEOS of the organization, Return City Lands & Homes brings affluence of over 20 years combined professional experience in the area of Real Estate brokerage transactions, Construction, Structural Engineering, Strategic Planning, and Business Development.

The enterprise attracts young, determined and results-oriented professionals, whose focus is to provide the best care and assistance to our clients as possible.

Return City Lands & Homes offers services such as Brokerage of Sales and Purchase of properties including Land, New Construction, Resale of Houses, Apartment complexes, and Facilities Management.

It is a great way to nurture personal capital and one of the safest investments in Ghana. One can buy a property, rent it out and become a property-owner. One advantage of investing in property is that you have full control over your investment. Real estate in Ghana is a booming business that promises a good return with a long term commitment. The value of property increases over time and land prices in Ghana have soared up because of its high demand by foreigners and expatriates seeking stellar investments in Ghana.
Ghana has more cultural broad-mindedness than some other African countries, making more immigrants flood the country. As a result, more retail and commercial properties are moving into the country.

Investing in real estate in Ghana is a indisputable way the key to prosperity in Ghana’s fast growing economy.