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Since the establishment of Mission Africa 2000 Inc. Humanitarian and Mission Work, in the year 2,000, we have continually prioritized humanitarian aid and community development both in the United States of America and Africa.

Today, Mission Africa 2000 Inc. humanitarian work reaches into many states in Africa and USA and serves many people in different ways every year. Throughout the Good News, God made provision for the poor and less fortunate. Apostle Paul encouraged the Messianic congregation to give willingly and generously to support the needy among them. (Deuteronomy 15:1-11, 2 Corinthians 8:8-15)

Our world is full of poverty, wars, natural disasters, poverty and famines.
We encourage:
Skill Technicians like Carpenters, farmers, plumbers, electricians,
ICT gurus
builders etc.
to sign up and serve with us in Ghana W/A.
Over the years, over 1,000 humanitarian workers have traveled with us during their vacation.
For Mission Africa 2000 Inc., it is not enough to acknowledge that poverty exists. We must live a life in which the grace God has given us flows on to others in the form of love, care and generosity. (Matthew 25:31-45)
Call to give or join us to do good to the poor.