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Dr. Kodjoe Sumney

Dr. Kodjoe SumneyDr. Kodjoe Sumney holds Doctor of Religious Studies and a Ph.D. Degree from Trinity College and Seminary, Indiana, USA.
He graduated from Simon Greenleaf University of Law, International Human Rights and Apologetics with a Master’s Degree.

He has written these Books:
1. African Presence in Genesis
2.  Kingdomnomics for Kingdom Business
3. Africa in the State Of Emergency
4. By His stripes, You Are Healed
5. Africa Is Rising
6. Positions of Prayer
7. 31 Days of Daily Blessings
8. Jehovah Witnesses Watchtower Prophecies
9. The Faith of our Fathers
10. African Democracy 
And Many More pamphlets and Articles.

His passion is to see the whole world and Africa reached with the gospel and Africa out of poverty with people trained with skills and development.

Dr. Kodjoe Sumney is a Ghanaian American. He has continually served as a human rights advocate, a philanthropist and a missionary in the USA since 1989. His advocacy has taken him around the globe to many countries.

Ordained & Licensed:

He was ordained & Licensed by the great Loveland church in California, where Pastor Chuck Singleton serves as the senior pastor. He has ministered around the world on pulpits with many preachers, like:
Pastor Chuck Singleton
Rev. Jesse Jackson @ Loveland Church
Bishop TD Jakes, @God’s Woman Conferences
Pastor Larry Weaver, Atherton Baptist Church
Pastor Joshua Beckley, Ecclesia Christian Fellowship
Pastor Paula White, @God’s Woman Conferences
Prophetess Bynum, @God’s Woman Conferences
Dr. Reginald Woods, Life-Changing Ministries
Dr. Joseph Gueste, Trinity Baptist Church
Bishop Philip Powell, The Center
Bishop Sykes, Crossword Church and many more

He is the founder of United Practical Believers in Christ Ministries and Mission Africa Kingdom Builders in California, Ghana, and Kenya. He is also the co-founder of Mission Africa, Inc., with his wife, Dr. Akosuah Salome Sumney, a non-profit organization that partners around the globe to offer natural and spiritual development for the continent of Africa. He has rallied to bring over one thousand Americans with different backgrounds from United States of America to Africa since the year 2000 for projects, missionary work, humanitarian work and students exchange.
He founded the Ambassadorial Bible Skills and Business College to train pastors. Also, the school has Christian politicians

Television and Radio

He is the founder and CEO of Mission Africa Television, a satellite TV station that provides motivational speaker for conferences. He has hosted the “Word with Nations Ministry” series with Sunny and Vision FM. also Ghana Television.

Family life: Dr. Kodjoe Sumney has been married to his wife, Mrs. Akosuah S. Appiah Sumney, for 43 years now, with three children.

International Humanitarian Recognition and Awards
He has received International Humanitarian Recognition and Awards issued by:

  1. Los Angeles County Supervisor, Dr. Mark Ridley-Thomas
  2. City of Ontario, California, Mayor Paul S. Leon
  3. California Legislative Assembly
  4. California State Senate
  5. San Bernardino County
  6. City of Upland
  7. Mayor of the City of Fontana, 32nd District
  8. 63rd District, Bill Emmerson
  9. 59th District: Assemblyman Anthony Adams
  10. San Bernardino County Supervisor: Josie Gonzales
  11. Speaker of the Assembly California’s 47th Assembly District: Karen Bass
  12. 62nd District, Wilmer Amina Carter and many more.

Through the initiatives of Dr. K. Sumney, Mission Africa Inc. has rallied to build schools for some 200 children living in remote villages and underprivileged who do not have access to schools. Also, he started the Mission Africa HIV/AIDS Awareness Program in Universities, colleges and high schools and has reached over ten thousand young people with preventive education and pamphlet information.

African Parliamentary Empowerment
Dr. Sumney established the Annual Parliamentary Conference on May 25, also known as "AFRICA UNION DAY," to support African leaders and parliamentarians. Each year, leaders from Africa meet to pray and support African governments on matters like Good governance, African Union, opening of Boundaries of Africa, Peace and Unity, African Inventions and Job Creation.

He established the annual Bridging the Gap Conference in 2000 to bridge the gap with the Diaspora and Friends of Africa. Each year, different people with cultural diversities travel from the United States of America to Ghana to attend the ‘’Bridging the Gap” Conference. During this time, we talk about world peace and building bridges with our neighbors who might look and speak differently.

He is the founder of Mission Africa Institute of Technology, transforming adults and youth with the Mission Africa ‘’BEZAALEL’’ (Spirit of Inventions) Conferences. This concept is to bring scientific inventions, job creation and sustainable development in universities and higher institutions in Africa. So that Africa will be able to educate, create, invent and import goods that will lead to self-sufficiency and self-sustainability of the continent. He has been on many platforms, pushing the agenda of poverty alleviation measures, self-sufficiency and self-sustainability among children, youth and adults in Africa and America.

For more information: Contact Dr. Sumney on social media sites: Dr. Sumney and Mission Africa.
Website: www.missionafricainc.org
Phone: 951 500 2609/951402 9877 or +233 20 813 0808; Email: MissionAfricancorporated@yahoo.com

Dr Akosuah Salome Appiah Sumney (MRS)

Dr. Akosuah SumneyDr. Akosuah Salome Appiah Sumney holds a PhD, Master of Arts in Management and Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources from USA. She has an Associate of Theology Degree in Biblical Studies from San Bernardino Bible College, California, and Professional Diploma Certificates in Haute Couture (High Fashion and Designing) from France and Canada. She holds several certificates in ICT from Moreno Valley Community College, California. She holds certificates in board formation and has been assisting organizations form their boards.
She graduated from Kyebi Presbyterian Teachers Training College in Ghana. 

She is the current chairperson for the United Nations Association Ghana, Greater Accra Region. 

She is the co-founder and vice president of Mission Africa, Inc.

She is the author of the books:
1. “Develop your vision into practicality,” sold on Amazon.com
2. Marriage, the idea of God, is divine
3. Alpha Lessons for Christian Leaders
4. Office Management and Secretarial Course Book 1
5. Vision and Financial Prosperity
6. Training Innovators in E-Book 
7. God's Idea that Marriage is Divine
She has written newspaper columns in the US, Canada & Togo.

She is the co-founder of Mission Africa Inc., a humanitarian organization that she started with her husband, Dr. Kodjoe Sumney. They have brought over one thousand philanthropists from the USA to Africa. She is also the co-founder of the Mission Africa Institute of Technology, where over 2000 students have been trained with ICT skills for immediate employment.
She has teamed up with her husband to organize an on-going Mission Africa prayer conference and empowerment in collaboration with the Parliamentary Congress of Ghana for the past nineteen years.
She has held senior positions in a diverse range of areas, including human resources manager and international operations manager in America and Africa.

Television and Radio Empowerment
She is the co-founder of Mission Africa TV and a motivational speaker for conferences. She has hosted the “Empowering Global Notable Women’s Ministry” and Singles and Married series with Sunny and Vision FM, also on Ghana Television (GTV).

She has been married to Dr. Kodjoe Sumney for 43 years and has three children.

She has received these International Humanitarian Awards issued by:
1. California Legislature Assembly
2. California State Senate
3. San Bernardino County
4. City of Upland
5. Mayor of the City of Fontana, 32nd District
6. 63rd District-Bill Emmerson
7. 59th District: Assemblyman Anthony Adams
8. San Bernardino County Supervisor: Josie Gonzales
9. Speaker of the Assembly California’s 47th Assembly District: Karen Bass
10. 62nd District, Wilmer Amina Carter and many more.

For more information: Contact Drakosuah Sumney on all social media sites
Africa: Box 30330, International Airport, Accra, Ghana, WA
Email: drakosuahsumney@gmail.com;
WhatsApp & SMS: 233 (0) 54 319 7995 or 233 (0) 55 411 6401

USA: BOX 7175, Moreno Valley, Ca. 92552   
SMS & WhatsApp: 818-626-4099/9514029877/9515002609

Akosuah Appiah Sumney, BHR, MLM, PhD (MRS)
A woman of vision!



Dr. Akosua Sumney