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Why this Study is Important

First, my ultimate position is to show that Genesis does contain the presence of Africans and to flush out the false biblical misrepresentations of some Western Bible scholars. This work is not only for skeptics, critics, Africans and the African American community, but also for the benefit of the Christian Church at large who seeks to know the truth.

Secondly, my aim is to bring to light the treasures of Scripture regarding God’s intentional creation, identification and dissemination of the Hamitic people throughout the biblical world. Furthermore, the work exhibits in clarity the fact that people of African descent are not a mere afterthought of God, and that their presence in Scripture is both comprehensive and strategic.

Thirdly, I will dispel the notion and the myth of Spiritual inferiority that has allowed some Caucasians to ignore the biblical and historical contributions of African Christians. The work will bring out the Africans’ presence in the Bible and show that their exposure is very necessary, particularly at this point when most African American youth in prisons are embracing Islam as the true African religion. If a proper biblical view of “The Africans Presence in Genesis” is revealed in Scriptures, these African descendants will recognize, understand, and appreciate their position in God’s Program and eternal purpose for all His creations.

The work will point out some of the racial abuse by some Caucasian Bible scholars, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias whose work and writings have been historically accepted as biblically sound Knowledge.