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The focus of this book is to establish that Africa is coming out from the state of economic dependence to economic independence. Our “state of dependence” is not forever. According to The West and some European countries, Africa champions poverty, diseases, poor drinking water, poor roads, famine and pestilence. Her citizens sell ice water, pure water, toiletries, automobile parts, bread, ice cream, newspapers, clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, rakes, football jerseys, stationery, books, pens, pencils, chewing gums, fruits, apples, soap, towels, dog chains and other petty things on the streets day and night. This tells you the kind of state they have placed Africa in, around the world.

This is what the so called super powers are saying but is this what God is saying about Africa? NO! the downfall of Job in the Bible was not his end. His latter days became better that his beginning. He was restored double. Job 42:10

Africa is being restored double. Out latter days are going to be better than our former days to amaze others. When people return to God their creator and begin to love Him and love themselves for who He made them to be for His glory, He elevates them.

The future leaders among Africa’s children and youth groups are seeking to go to college though they might not have the means to pay for college. Some want quick money from buying and selling while our counterparts in the other world are taking control over the world market. The continent of Africa has gone through a lot of reproaches for over five hundred years and it is now time to mobilize the people to bridge the gap and rise again. Africans are enthusiastic, willing, visionaries, strong, futurists, optimism, and longsuffering; above all ready for a change; a new Africa.